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PSC Result 2017 Primary Education Board

PSC Result 2017 Primary Education Board. PSC Result 2017 Primary Education Board has been published. PSC Result 2017 Primary Education Board will be broadcasted on 28th December (Thursday) 2017. PSC Result 2017 Primary Education Board related all information will be found in our website, government website, PSC associated website & also by mobile phone SMS.

PSC Result 2017

PSC Result 2017 Primary Education Board. PSC exam 2017 will begin on 19th November (Sunday) 2017 and will end on 26th November (Sunday) 2017. PSC Exam 2017 will be start at 11:00 am. This exam finishing time will be at 1:30 pm. PSC Exam 2017 time period will be 2.30 hours. But only physical disable examinees will get additional 20 minutes. This facility will not for all students of PSC Exam 2017. So if any examinee wants more time to finish exam, he or she will not be permitted for it.

On 20th November (Sunday) 2017; previous year PSC exam was happening.

On Last 8th August (Tuesday) 2017, PSC Exam routine 2017 was launched. Primary and Mass Education Ministry additional Secretary A.F.M. Manjur Kadir was confirmed that news after a meeting.

In PSC and Ibtedia exam 2017, more than 28 Lakhs examinees will be attending.  PSC and Ibtedia exam result 2017 possibility date will be the last week of December 2017.
In last year 2016, whole 32 Lakhs, 30 Thousands & 288 Hundreds examinees were participating intended for PSC exam 2016 & Ebtedayee Exam 2016. Among them, 29 Lakhs, 30 Thousands and 573 Hundreds were took part for PSC exam 2016 & 2 Lakhs, 99 Thousands & 715 Hundreds designed for Ebtedayee Exam 2016.

In adding together to Eleven (11) overseas centers, total 7,194 centers were used for PSC & Ebtedyaa Exam 2016.

PSC Result 2017
PSC Result 2017
PSC & Ebtedayee Exam Result 2017 will be declared at the same time in all education board, as well as Maddrasa Board. This result will publicized in all over the country in simultaneously. By the government of Bangladesh under Primary Education Board, PSC & Ebtedayee Exam Result 2017 will announce.

Dhaka board is one of the major education boards in our country Bangladesh. There are a lot of well-known educational organizations in Dhaka Board. Each year many students are attending in some major exams.  From Dhaka Board, huge examinees are taking part of PSC Exam. From them, a lot of examinees are obtaining GPA 5 (A+) with Golden A+ from Dhaka Board.

DPE (Directorate of Primary Education)

From the official website of Directorate of Primary Education at PSC & Ebtedayee Exam Result 2017 will originate. Students will be able to acquire PSC & Ebtedayee Exam Result 2017 through this website and via our website too.

Address of DPE (Directorate of Primary Education): The address of Directorate of Primary Education (DPE) are particular below:-
Mirpur-2, Dhaka-1216,
Phone: 9038122, Fax:  02-9038122, Email Address:

PSC Result 2017 SMS Method:

Not only through the website but also by mobile SMS, PSC & Ebtedayee Exam Result 2017 will be establishing. SMS system is specified below:-

·       SMS format (For General Students):
DPE<space> Thana or Upazila Code Number<space>Roll Number and Send to 16222Exp: DPE 24 2485 and send 16222
·        SMS design (For Ebtedayee Students):
EBT<space> Thana/Upazila Code Number<space>Roll Number & send to 16222Exp: EBT 24 2485 and send 16222.

Mark Distributions and Question Pattern: By National Academy of Education (NAP), PSC exam 2017 question pattern & mark distributions has been available now. We also publish this question pattern & marks distributions pattern. To competency pattern, 80% questions will be in the examination. From traditional pattern, remaining 20% questions will be come.

PSC Exam & Ebtedayee Exam Result is declared by GPA method. Actually now almost all educational results are publishing through GPA system. GPA means Grade Point Average. In 2011, PSC Result was announcing by GPA first. But before that, that exam result was publishing by only district wise.  

In 1973, around 37,000 primary schools were under government. Later than in 2013, approximately over 26,000 non-government primary schools were in under Government too. PSC exam was started on in 2009.  PSC Exam pass students are receiving rewards as scholarships and certificates by this examination. 

PSC mean Primary School Certificate. It is also called Shomapony Porikkha (সমাপনী পরীক্ষা) in Bangla. In Bangladesh, PSC is the most important & first examination of our schooling System. Every year a large amount of students are involving them in this major Exam. But not every single one student are getting pass in the exam. From them, some students are finding them in fail of this exam. But they get the chance to pass by participating this to the exam again in next year. Some examinees are approved in 2nd time exam by the government. From the government, those students who are get A+ & golden A+ too, they can be capable for obtain scholarship. Some organizations offer scholarships to them too.

Primary scholarship has divided into 2 types. The quantity of scholarship is different from each other. They are specified below:-

1.     Talent pool Scholarship: In every month BDT. 300 will be paid. Full amount of scholarship at BDT. 3,600 in each year.
2.     General Scholarship: In each month BDT. 225 will be rewarded. Whole BDT. 2,700 for each year.

PSC Scholarship 2017:
Equally of General Scholarship and Talent pool Scholarship students will acquire 3 years time period of this scholarship. It means till than class 8 students will get the scholarships.

For primary schools, government increasing new buildings & also construct new design for old buildings. 

Bangladesh Education Commission:
In 1974 the report of this Commission charts the following objectives designed for primary education:

Ø To grow and care for the child’s morals, mental and social behavior;
Ø To bring up the child as a loyal, responsible, curious and honest citizen, and develop in her/him love for justice, dignity, struggle, proper behavior and respectability;
Ø To gain knowledge to read and write in the mother language, and to be intelligent to count and analyze.
Ø To be capable to achieve the basic knowledge and skills desired for a future citizen;
Ø To get ready for next stage of advanced education.

In the earliest times and the middle ages the native education system which develops in the Indian subcontinent was the mostly theological & idealistic in approach. The method divided itself from the ordinary people. That was the British who launch and implemented what is at the present known as the contemporary education system.

This stage has happening since 1971 when the people struggle a wonderful war to succeed Independence. The establishment of the independent of the self-governing Bangladesh states that Primary Education will be the accountability of the State. The requirements are: “The State shall adopt effective measures for the purpose of (a) establishing a uniform, mass-oriented and universal system of education and extending free and compulsory education to all children to such stage as may be determined by law; (b) relating education to the needs of the society and producing properly trained and motivated citizens to serve those needs; and (c) removing illiteracy within such time as may be determined by law”.

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