Thursday, October 26, 2017

3199 Students Taking Part 11 Centers in Lama PSC Examination

3199 students are taking part in 11 centers in Lama PSC examination 2017. Like the country's primary education Certificate (PSC) Exam of Lama Upazila of Bandarban and the Ebtedayi Education Complex (Ishishop) is going on Sunday, November 19.

PSC Examination 2017

Lama Upazila Education Office sources said that 3199 students of primary and ibtaydoyee examination will take part in 11 centers in this year's Lama upazila. Meanwhile, in the primary education closing examination, among the 2,984 students, there are 1388 boys and 1596 girls. And Ibtadei will take part in the concluding examination of the examination, among the 215 students, 98 of the boys have 117 girls.

Lama Government High School 693, Gazalia High School 154, Boca Para Government Primary School, 203, Haldai Para Government Primary School, 93, Haidarnaasi High School, 244, Phansiyakhali High School, 226, Anghlari, Lama Government High School, Dhaka, Primary and Ebtedayi Education Completion Examination held at 11 centers. Para Government Primary School 238, tea 40. The bi high school students, 35 high school students sarai, daradari leave government primary school students, 372 high school students phaitam.

Both the primary and ibtayedi will be held in six subjects. The test will run from 11.00am to 1.30pm every day. Additional 20 minutes of exams will be allocated for special needs candidates. On November 19, the test begins on 26 November.

PSC Exam Routine 2017

Examination Schedule: Elementary closing will be held on November 19, English, November 20 in Bangla, 21 November, Bangladesh and world identity, 22 November primary science, 23 November religion and moral education and 26 November Mathematical examination.

And Ibtadei will be held on November 19, English, November 20, Bangla, 21 November, Bangladesh and world identity, 22 November Arabic, November 23, Quran and Tajweed and Akaeed and Fiqh and on 26 November Mathematical tests will be conducted.

In this year's primary and ebtedayi closing examination, four students of the upazila will be participating in special needs (disabled / autistic) candidates.