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PSC Result 2017 Primary Education Board

PSC Result 2017 Primary Education Board. PSC Result 2017 Primary Education Board has been published. PSC Result 2017 Primary Education Board will be broadcasted on 28th December (Thursday) 2017. PSC Result 2017 Primary Education Board related all information will be found in our website, government website, PSC associated website & also by mobile phone SMS.

PSC Result 2017

PSC Result 2017 Primary Education Board. PSC exam 2017 will begin on 19th November (Sunday) 2017 and will end on 26th November (Sunday) 2017. PSC Exam 2017 will be start at 11:00 am. This exam finishing time will be at 1:30 pm. PSC Exam 2017 time period will be 2.30 hours. But only physical disable examinees will get additional 20 minutes. This facility will not for all students of PSC Exam 2017. So if any examinee wants more time to finish exam, he or she will not be permitted for it.

On 20th November (Sunday) 2017; previous year PSC exam was happening.

On Last 8th August (Tuesday) 2017, PSC Exam routine 2017 was launched. Primary and Mass Education Ministry additional Secretary A.F.M. Manjur Kadir was confirmed that news after a meeting.

In PSC and Ibtedia exam 2017, more than 28 Lakhs examinees will be attending.  PSC and Ibtedia exam result 2017 possibility date will be the last week of December 2017.
In last year 2016, whole 32 Lakhs, 30 Thousands & 288 Hundreds examinees were participating intended for PSC exam 2016 & Ebtedayee Exam 2016. Among them, 29 Lakhs, 30 Thousands and 573 Hundreds were took part for PSC exam 2016 & 2 Lakhs, 99 Thousands & 715 Hundreds designed for Ebtedayee Exam 2016.

In adding together to Eleven (11) overseas centers, total 7,194 centers were used for PSC & Ebtedyaa Exam 2016.

PSC Result 2017
PSC Result 2017
PSC & Ebtedayee Exam Result 2017 will be declared at the same time in all education board, as well as Maddrasa Board. This result will publicized in all over the country in simultaneously. By the government of Bangladesh under Primary Education Board, PSC & Ebtedayee Exam Result 2017 will announce.

Dhaka board is one of the major education boards in our country Bangladesh. There are a lot of well-known educational organizations in Dhaka Board. Each year many students are attending in some major exams.  From Dhaka Board, huge examinees are taking part of PSC Exam. From them, a lot of examinees are obtaining GPA 5 (A+) with Golden A+ from Dhaka Board.

DPE (Directorate of Primary Education)

From the official website of Directorate of Primary Education at PSC & Ebtedayee Exam Result 2017 will originate. Students will be able to acquire PSC & Ebtedayee Exam Result 2017 through this website and via our website too.

Address of DPE (Directorate of Primary Education): The address of Directorate of Primary Education (DPE) are particular below:-
Mirpur-2, Dhaka-1216,
Phone: 9038122, Fax:  02-9038122, Email Address:

PSC Result 2017 SMS Method:

Not only through the website but also by mobile SMS, PSC & Ebtedayee Exam Result 2017 will be establishing. SMS system is specified below:-

·       SMS format (For General Students):
DPE<space> Thana or Upazila Code Number<space>Roll Number and Send to 16222Exp: DPE 24 2485 and send 16222
·        SMS design (For Ebtedayee Students):
EBT<space> Thana/Upazila Code Number<space>Roll Number & send to 16222Exp: EBT 24 2485 and send 16222.

Mark Distributions and Question Pattern: By National Academy of Education (NAP), PSC exam 2017 question pattern & mark distributions has been available now. We also publish this question pattern & marks distributions pattern. To competency pattern, 80% questions will be in the examination. From traditional pattern, remaining 20% questions will be come.

PSC Exam & Ebtedayee Exam Result is declared by GPA method. Actually now almost all educational results are publishing through GPA system. GPA means Grade Point Average. In 2011, PSC Result was announcing by GPA first. But before that, that exam result was publishing by only district wise.  

In 1973, around 37,000 primary schools were under government. Later than in 2013, approximately over 26,000 non-government primary schools were in under Government too. PSC exam was started on in 2009.  PSC Exam pass students are receiving rewards as scholarships and certificates by this examination. 

PSC mean Primary School Certificate. It is also called Shomapony Porikkha (সমাপনী পরীক্ষা) in Bangla. In Bangladesh, PSC is the most important & first examination of our schooling System. Every year a large amount of students are involving them in this major Exam. But not every single one student are getting pass in the exam. From them, some students are finding them in fail of this exam. But they get the chance to pass by participating this to the exam again in next year. Some examinees are approved in 2nd time exam by the government. From the government, those students who are get A+ & golden A+ too, they can be capable for obtain scholarship. Some organizations offer scholarships to them too.

Primary scholarship has divided into 2 types. The quantity of scholarship is different from each other. They are specified below:-

1.     Talent pool Scholarship: In every month BDT. 300 will be paid. Full amount of scholarship at BDT. 3,600 in each year.
2.     General Scholarship: In each month BDT. 225 will be rewarded. Whole BDT. 2,700 for each year.

PSC Scholarship 2017:
Equally of General Scholarship and Talent pool Scholarship students will acquire 3 years time period of this scholarship. It means till than class 8 students will get the scholarships.

For primary schools, government increasing new buildings & also construct new design for old buildings. 

Bangladesh Education Commission:
In 1974 the report of this Commission charts the following objectives designed for primary education:

Ø To grow and care for the child’s morals, mental and social behavior;
Ø To bring up the child as a loyal, responsible, curious and honest citizen, and develop in her/him love for justice, dignity, struggle, proper behavior and respectability;
Ø To gain knowledge to read and write in the mother language, and to be intelligent to count and analyze.
Ø To be capable to achieve the basic knowledge and skills desired for a future citizen;
Ø To get ready for next stage of advanced education.

In the earliest times and the middle ages the native education system which develops in the Indian subcontinent was the mostly theological & idealistic in approach. The method divided itself from the ordinary people. That was the British who launch and implemented what is at the present known as the contemporary education system.

This stage has happening since 1971 when the people struggle a wonderful war to succeed Independence. The establishment of the independent of the self-governing Bangladesh states that Primary Education will be the accountability of the State. The requirements are: “The State shall adopt effective measures for the purpose of (a) establishing a uniform, mass-oriented and universal system of education and extending free and compulsory education to all children to such stage as may be determined by law; (b) relating education to the needs of the society and producing properly trained and motivated citizens to serve those needs; and (c) removing illiteracy within such time as may be determined by law”.

We will publish all update information in our website regarding PSC Result 2017 Primary Education Board. Here you find all necessary news about PSC Exam Result 2017. In our website, we always try to publicize all update information. That’s why you can get any update information from our website in any time. 

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PSC Scholarship Result 2018 Bangladesh

Directorate of Primary Education (DPE) will publish PCS Result for the year 2017 in the last week of December 2017. For all the top scorers in the PSC result will be given the scholarship and the PSC Scholarship Result 2018 of all the eligible students will be published in the official website in the month of April 2018. Students who are searching for the PSC scholarship result date and its availability on the official website along with the procedure to check the result can go through the below details completely.

PSC Result 2017

For the academic year 2017, DPE has successfully conducted PSC (Primary School Certificate) examination for the class 5 students of the entire country. More than 30 lakh students expected to have written the PSC Exams 2017 and last year it was more than 25 lakh students appeared for the exam. Previous year out of those 25 lakh students approximately 1, 05,673 candidates are said to have got the GPA 5 as per the PSC result published on 27th of December. This year, the PSC Result 2017 is going to be released in the month of December most probably by the end of month based on the past trends. Based on the result obtained, all those students who have got good score or GPA or grade A+ in the PSC exam will be given the scholarship. The PSC Scholarship Result 2018 of the PSC Exams 2017 will be available in the official website of DPE i.e., as well as we will give the result link in our website for the students to check the scholarship result. The PSC result will also be available in this website or students can check the result via SMS also.

Previous year the PSC Scholarship has been given to 54, 412 students who have got best scores in the PSC class 5 public examinations and most of the top scorers are from Barisal board. The success rate or the pass percentage of the PSC exams 2017 was 99.10% and Ebtedeyi was 95.85% last year and it is expected to be more this year for both PSC and Ebtedeyi. Thant means, last year there were nearly 54 thousand scholars and this year it is expected to be more than 55 thousand scholars. The PSC scholarship result will also be available in the which is also the official website of Bangladesh PSC Results.
Most probably the scholarship result of the PSC will be prepared by the month of March 2018 and the result of the PSC scholarship will be released on 11th of April 2018 as last year the scholarship result was issued on the same date. But some say that the scholarship result will be published on end of February 2018 or in the 1st week of March 2018. To know the exact date and month on which PSC Scholarship will be available for the students, they have to wait some more time. So, students who have been waiting for the PSC scholarship result have to wait some more days for the result to be declared. Soon, after the announcement of the PSC result 2017 by the board, candidates will be given update about the date of publishing the scholarship result and soon we will update the details here. So, keep waiting till then. As of now, know more about the scholarship details here.
Name of AuthorityDirector of Primary Education (DPE)
Name of ExamPSC Class 5 Examinations 2017
Exam Dates19th November 2017 to 26th November 2017
PSC Result 2017 Date30th of December 2017 (Tentatively)
PSC Scholarship Result Date11th April 2018 (Tentatively)

Primary School Certificate Scholarship Result 2018 for All Districts

Here are the complete details about the Scholarship program implemented by DPE for the PSC class 5 toppers. Directorate of Primary Education has implemented this scholarship program in order to encourage the intelligent and deserving or toppers for studying well in the further classes without having any financial issues. The scholarship is given based on the merit of the student in the academics or based on financial condition of the student or other abilities of the candidate. The main of this program is to help the talented students for their higher education which is a good cause. With this all the needy and talented candidates will be able to receive the PSC Scholarship every year.
PSC Scholarship is said to be given to the successful students in two different categories and they are as follows.
  1. Talent Pool Scholarship
  2. General Grade Scholarship
Among the students scored good score in the PSC Exams last year, nearly 26,000 students have been selected as scholars under the Talent Pool Scholarship and 32,000 scholars have received the general grade scholarship.
As said the PSC Scholarship Result will be released on April for this year listing the eligible candidates for the scholarship and the scholarship result will be given district wise for all the 7 divisions of the country. Students who are willing to collect their scholarship result division wise for all the districts of the divisions, they can check the below given table. We will update the district wise PDF files under even district. Candidates can click on the respective district from the table to download the PSC scholarship result 2018 for that particular district

PSC Scholarship Result 2018

“Primary School Certificate Scholarship Result for PSC Exam 2017 will be Release on 11th of April 2018 at ( or via DPE”
PSC Scholarship Result 2018 Division Wise @
PSC Scholarship Result 2018 District Wise for All Divisions
Districts of Barisal
Districts of Chittagong
Districts of Dhaka
Districts of Khulna
Districts of Rajshahi
Districts of Rangpur
Districts of Sylhet
PatuakhaliCox’s BazarKishorgongKushtiaPabnaPanchagarh

PSC Scholarship Result 2018 Download

The PSC Scholarship result can be downloaded for all the divisions from the PDF files that will be given in the official website or from our website. It is also known as the primary “britti” Folafol in the country Bangladesh which is given by DPE. There are also other scholarships given for EBT which is Ebtedayee and PEC students passed in their respective examinations and they are called as primary scholarships same as PSC scholarships.
It is said that, the PSC Scholarship will be given only to the candidates who gets CGPA 3.00. Under the Talent pool category, the scholars getting the CGPA 3.00 will be given scholarship whereas, under General grade category candidates who got CGPA 2.00 are eligible and given the scholarship. The scholarship is given by the government for three years to all the eligible students i.e., for class VI, Class VII and Class VIII.

How to Check PSC Scholarship Result 2018 PDF Online

To check the PSC Scholarship result in the online from the official websites, please follow the below given procedure.
  • Visit official website / the official website of Teletalk
  • Search for “PSC Scholarship Result 2018” link in the home page or in the appropriate section.
  • Click on the scholarship result link of Primary School Certificate.
  • PSC Scholarship Result will be opened in the PDF format. It will have the Division names, district names and Roll Numbers of all the students eligible for scholarship.
  • Download the PDF and save it on your computer.
  • Open the PDF and find if your Roll Number is present under the relevant district of your division.
Students can also check the above table to download the PSC Scholarship Result PDFs attached there under every district. Once the result is published, we will update the table and the PDFs here in this page for your reference. Hope you got the right download procedure and if there are any changes in the method of checking the scholarship result, we will update the details here in this portal. The result date will be soon given by the DPE and we will try to give it here for your reference without any hassle.
This is all about the PSC Scholarship Result 2018 for the students qualified with high scores in the PSC Result 2017. Now students and their parents or guardians are advised to keep an eye on this website to download the board wise or division wise or district wise PSC Scholarship result either through the links given in our site or from the official website. In very short time, the PSC result will be declared i.e., by end of December as per recent update and soon after that the DPE will declare the scholarship result and we will update the exact date of scholarship result announcement soon here. So, keep watching to find more details about the PSC result and the scholarship result here.
Download PSC Scholarship Result 2018 Barisal Board
Download PSC Scholarship Result 2018 Chittagong Board
Download PSC Scholarship Result 2018 Comilla Board
Download PSC Scholarship Result 2018 Dhaka board
Download PSC Scholarship Result 2018 Dinajpur Board
Download PSC Scholarship Result 2018 Jessore Board
Download PSC Scholarship Result 2018 Rajshahi Board
Download PSC Scholarship Result 2018 Sylhet Board
(Note: Links will be updated after publishing the result)

PSC Result 2017 Marksheet Download Bangladesh

Primary School Certificate Marksheet for the year 2017 will be published by the DPE on the official website after the announcement of result on December. Students willing to download PSC marksheet 2017 can download it from the official website and the procedure to get it from the DPE is also given below for the reference of the students.

PSC Result 2017 Marksheet

For the PSC Examinations conducted by the Directorate of Primary Education (DPE) on November 2017 for class 5 students, the conducting board will declare the PSC Result on the last week of December 2017 most probably. PSC is also called as Prathomik Shikkha Somaponi Porihkkha and Ebtedayee Examination in the Madrasa education board. It is said that both PSC and Ebtedayee Exam results will be declared on 30th of December 2017 as per latest details. Once the PSC Result 2017 is declared, the marksheet of the students will be published in the official website through which candidates can download it and check their marks.

PSC Marksheet 2017 Available at

DPE and Madrasa board has successfully organized the PSC and Ebtedayee Exams 2017 from 19th of November to 26th of November 2017 for 30,96,075 students at different examination centers under various boards. Students pursuing their class 5 under all the boards of DPE in Bangladesh located at various divisions of the country has appeared for the PSC Exams and written the exams well for all the six subjects. Now, all those contenders and their guardians are eager to check the result and download the PSC Result 2017 Marksheet from the official sources. Last year, the PSC Results were declared on 27th of December as per few sources and when we observe the past few year trends, the result is being declared on December month mostly. So, students can expect their PSC result at the end of December 2017 as said above. Meanwhile, the paper correction will be done and the result of the student will be prepared in the form of marksheet. Along with the result, DPE will also release the marksheet in the official website DPE as given above and also in Teletalk websites. The contenders are advised to download their respective marksheet by giving the necessary details which is just for your immediate reference.  If you are looking for the procedure to download the marksheet of the result, please read the below given section.

How to Download PSC Result 2017 Marksheet

Students can download their PSC Marksheet 2017 either from official website of DPE i.e., or from as both are official sites. The procedure for getting the marksheet from both of them is commonly given below and you can check it. See the method or the procedure given here is only for the reference purpose only and if there are any changes we will try to update them here.
  1. Visit or from
  2. Select Exam Name as General Education / Ebtedayi / Equivalent from the home page.
  3. Choose the District Name from the list.
  4. Now select Thana/ Upazilla.
  5. Type or choose the Passing Year which is 2017 for this year.
  6. Now, you need to enter your Roll Number in the specific field.
  7. Press the “Submit” button
  8. PSC Marksheet 2017 will now be displayed on the screen.
  9. Download the Marksheet by clicking on the download button and take print out of it for your reference.

Get PSC Marksheet 2017 via SMS

Students can also get the PSC Result 2017 Marksheet through the SMS and the SMS format for the PSC students and the Ebtedayee students is given below. It is given as per the previous year format and soon we will update the latest format after we get the update from official sources.
General Students:
DPE<Space>Thana/Upazila Code Number<Space>Roll Number<Space>Send to 16222
Ebtedayee Students:
EBT<Space>Thana/Upazila Code Number<Space>Roll Number<Space>Send to 16222
Type the SMS in the above-given format and send it to the corresponding number to get your PSC Marksheet 2017 to your mobile number. Each SMS will be charged as per the standard SMS charges that are applicable.
These are the two different ways through which the students can get their PSC Result 2017 Marksheet and if there are any updates, we will make them here as an update to you. Keep visiting this site for getting the PSC Result 2017 link and the marksheet download link here on the result date.

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PSC/ Ebtedayee Result 2017 |

PSC/ Ebtedayee Result 2017 | Check PSC Exam Result (Prathomik Somaponi Result) 2017 at is the official website of Directorate of Primary Education for publishing PSC Result 2017. Primary School Certificate (PSC) Exam Result 2017 is available on DPE official website . PSC- Primary School Certificate Exam 2017 and Ebtedayee- Madrasha Primary Education Completion exam result 2017 will be published on same day. Ebtedayee and PSC Result 2017 will be published in December 30, 2017.

PSC Result 2017

Ebtedayee (Madrasha) and PSC Exam 2017 started on 19/11/2017 and it continued till 26/11/2017. Every year a huge number of students appear in the PSC Exam. This year a huge number of students also appeared in the PSC and EBT Exam 2017. A total 30,096,075 students appeared in the Primary School Certificate (PSC) and Ebtedayee exams. PSC and EBT exam are managed by Directorate of Primary Education Bangladesh.

PSC Result

Ebtedayee and PSC Result 2017 will be published at Directorate of Primary Education (DPE) website So You can search Ebtedayee and PSC Exam Result 2017 from DPE website Ebtedayee and PSC Exam Result 2017can also be known via SMS. To get result via SMS candidate has to send SMS, in reply sms he/she will get his/her Ebtedayee and PSC Exam Result 2017. SMS system of getting Ebtedayee and PSC Exam Result 2017 is available here.

SMS System for Primary School Certificate (PSC) Exam Result 2017:

DPE <Space> Student ID and Send it to 16222
Example: DPE 123456 send it to 16222

SMS System for Ebtedayee Exam Result 2017:

EBT <Space> Student ID and Send it to 16222
Example: EBT 123456 send it to 16222

Bookmark this webpage on your PC/Laptop by clicking ctrl+D from keyboard to know Ebtedayee/ PSC Exam Result 2017 easily & quickly.

Check PSC/ Ebtedayee Result 2017 Online

Ways of checking PSC Result 2017 online: We will update here different ways of checking PSC Result 2017 ( Primary Somaponi Result 2017) online. PSC Result 2017 Bangladesh can be checked online from two website. First of all you can check PSC- Primary School Certificate Exam Result 2017 from Directorate of Primary Education (DPE) official website Secondly you can check Prathomik Somaponi/ PSC Result 2017 from Teletalk Bangladesh website.

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JSC Result 2017 All Education Board

JSC Result 2017 All Education board Bangladesh will Publish at 30th December in this year said education minister. The Result will publish under the Bangladesh Education Board For all education board. The Ministry of Education and Government will announce the accurate date of JSC Result Publish. Do you know, when publishing JSC Result 2017? All the Result will Publish from Education board computer. Basically, all the public result process within 90 days of exam over.

JSC Exam Result 2017 is same to find from this system. In the past years, the JSC Exam started on the Fast week of November and the Result published in the last week of December 2017. So, Make sure that if this year (2017) Schedule is like the past year. JSC Exam Routine 2017 Already published and exam also started. Check out the Details information about the JSC Result 2017 all education board BD.

JSC Result 2017 Bangladesh

The JSC means Junior School Certificate. The JSC and JDC Result 2017 will Publish at the same times. JSC Exam 2017 will start on 1st November 2017 under the Education Bard BD. All the Education board take to control theirs against Institute and Exam Centre. All the Education board makes some authority before starting the JSC Exam for better condition. After completing the each Exam, the exam Centre authority sends the Answer sheet instantly to Education board.

When Publish JSC Exam Result 2017?

Do you know when publishing JSC Exam Result 2017? Read attentively the JSC Exam Routine 2017 Education board Bangladesh. We have collected the JSC exam routine from Here available that the JSC Exam 2017 will start on 1st November 2017 and it will continue till 23rd November 2017. As a JSC Examinee 2017, Check and Recheck your Exam Date and Times again.

The JSC Result 2017 BD will publish on last week of December and it already confirmed by Education Minister. So, JSC Exam 2017 will start on the same date and time. You can know everything from here. Do you know, how to collect JSC Result 2017? Well, we're sharing all easy ways for collecting JSC Exam result 2017 of Bangladesh.

Collect JSC Result 2017 From Internet

Now a day, It is a popular question we hear from the JSC Examinee. They also Search with the keywords that, how to collect JSC Result 2017 from Internet. Now, We are describing full details about the JSC Result collecting process from online for all Education Board. We recommend you to collect your JSC Result from Education Board Official Website.

Do you know the BD Education Board Website for Result collecting? If no, remember it. The Website URL for getting the JSC Result is It is a very easy process to collect Results Free! After Visiting the following website, Select your Result (example: JSC/JDC. Then Select your Education Board Name (example: Dhaka Board). Now Enter Your JSC Roll NO. Select passing Year (2017) . Now full fill up capcha security and hit on the Submit Button. Then get your JSC Result.

Education Board in Bangladesh made an easy system to collect Result Individually and Institute Wise. If you are a school Authority you can get Your Whole School JSC Result 2017 by your School. If no, Staying with us to learn more about this process. We'll explain about it on Education board based Result category.

JSC Result 2017

JSC Result 2017 Video Tutorial

Sometimes students forget that how to get their JSC Result 2017. That's why I made a video tutorial about JSC exam result 2017. By following this video you could know, how to collect JSC Result 2017 via online with the official website of Bangladesh Education Board. So let's start.

SMS Method of Collecting JSC Result 2017

In Bangladesh, There are not available Internet connection anywhere. That's why sometimes students are looking for alternative method for collecting their JSC Result 2017. Another most popular alternative way is Mobile sms. You can easily collect your JSC Result through mobile sms. In below all details. The Mobile SMS process is Very easy and so easy. But, There are some condition available to get the JSC Result by Mobile SMS. Read the conditions below:

Now, You can send a Message to Get your JSC Exam Result 2017 by Mobile SMS. Follow a simple line and Send Message. First, Go to your Message and Type JSC with capital letters. Give only space and type the first three letters of your Education Board Name(example: DHA). Again, give a space and enter your Roll Number. Give a space and type 2017. Then send the message to 16222 from any number.

JSC<space>1st 3 letters of Education board Name<space>Your JSC Roll<space> 2017 and send to 16222. 
As an example, Imagine you are an JSC Examinee of 2017. Your Education board Name Dhaka and Roll number 224466. Now follow the below format to get your JSC Result.

JSC Result 2017 All Education Board

  • JSC Exam Result 2017 Dhaka Board
  • JSC Exam Result 2017 Chittagong Board
  • BD JSC Result 2017 Rajshahi Board
  • JSC Result 2017 BD Comilla Board
  • JSC Result 2017 Barisal Board
  • JSC Exam Result 2017 Sylhet Board
  • JSC Result 2017 Khulna Board
  • JSC Result 2017 BD Rangpur Board
  • JSC Result 2017 Dinajpur Board
  • JDC Result 2017 Madrasa Board

All Education Board with 1st Three Latters:
1st 3 latter of education board name is must need for collecting JSC Result 2017 by Mobile. Sometimes students are forget of their education board name 1st 3 latters. In below i shared all education board name with 1st 3 latters.

 Education Board Name
 1st Three Letter
 Dhaka Board
 Sylhet Board
 Chittagong Board
 Rajshahi Board
 Jessore Board
 Barisal Board
 Comilla Board
 Dinajpur Board
 Technical Board
 Madrasah Board

In conclusion, hope you understand about how to get JSC Result 2017 All education board in Bangladesh. In this article i tried by label best for share easily that how to collect your jsc exam result 2017 bd. If you have any question about this article, then feel free to leave reply.

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How to Get PSC Result 2017 Using Mobile SMS?

Do you know when publishing PSC Result 2017 and How to Get PSC Result 2017 Using Mobile SMS? The PSC Exam Result 2017 (প্রাথমিক সমাপনী রেজাল্ট ২০১৭) will publish on December 28, 2017. Primary School Certificate or PSC is government examination in Bangladesh, which is held under the Primary education board. To take part in this examinations a student will to be passed in test examination of class five and they all will to attend in final examination in PSC Examination. official website of PSC Result. So dear guys, remember this easy website URL for collect your PSC Result 2017.

PSC Result 2017 Mobile SMS

This PSC examination is also known as Shamaponi examination. This Primary School Certificate examination was first started in the year of 2009-10. In first two years the result was given under divisional system but now from 2011-12 it started grading system. From 2011 the time of the examination has been added ½ hour now it is taken in two and half hours. From our website you can also collect your PSC Result 2017.

PSC Result 2017 Bangladesh Published:

PSC Result 2017 of Bangladesh Primary education board or the result of Primary Shomaponi will publish on 31st December 2017. This Primary Shomaponi examination and Ebtedayee Shomaponi Examination started on 1st November and ended on 17th November 2017. This year 29 lac 82 thousand and 79  male students and 12 lack 6 thousand and 565 female students have taken part on this examinations. And finally the result will publish by

On the other hand, 2.95 lac 10.20 thousand and 475 students have taken on Ebtedayee Shomaponi examination. The burden of question leakage, the PSC examinations have ended fairly. Already you all known that, PSC Result 2017 will publish on 28th of December. Today I’m sharing the fastest way of getting result of PSC.

When publish PSC Result 2017?

PSC Result 2017 & Ibtedayee School Certificate or PDC or P. D. C. is  examination equivalent to Primary School Certificate certified by the government and it is for the Madrasah students of class five result will be published on 31st December or last week of 2017. This news confirmed by Education board of Bangladesh. This examination is also known as Ibtedayee Shomaponi examination. If you looking for Ibtedayee Exam Result 2017, then this post may help you lot. Just follow our easy steps for collect your PSC Result 2017 and Ebtedayee result 2017. The exam of PSC was started from 23rd November to 27th November 2017 under the Primary Education Board. Now this time I am sharing all easy process of collect PSC Result 2017 with Marksheet.

PSC Result 2017 Mobile SMS

PSC Result 2017 by Mobile SMS:

Collecting any education board result by Mobile SMS is one of the best ways. Because it takes low time and it’s too easy. So now let's discuss SMS process of PSC Result 2017. Without a website, PSC 2017 result can also get via SMS. 

You can get easily the PSC Result by mobile SMS. Go to message option and type:

DPE <space> Thana/Upazila Code Number <space> PSC Roll Number and send it to 16222 number.
You will get the desired PSC Result 2017 by reply SMS. At the first time, the SMS reply will come with only your pass grade.

To get Ebtedayee result 2017 via SMS, follow the steps:

Madrasha students and want to get your Ebtedayee Result 2017 by Mobile SMS then follow below steps for collecting your result quickly and fast.

EBT <space>  Thana/Upazila Code Number <space> PSC Roll Number and send it to 16222 number.
You will get the desired Ebtedayee Result 2017 & PSC Result 2017 by reply SMS.

PSC Result 2017 Collect from your own School:

The easiest way of collecting PSC result 2017 of any public examination is to go to own education school/institution. On the day of publishing result, after handed over to Prime Minister it is sent to all education institutions. After that, the result will publish on Online internet. So it is very easy to collect your PSC Exam Result 2017 to own School rather facing website server problem.

PSC Result 2017 via online

Get your PSC Result 2017 via Online. A huge number of students are chosen online for collecting their result. Some times it’s got easy. Another major reason for select online is Marksheet. If you want to download your PSC Result 2017 with mark sheet, then you must need to visit the official website

Thursday, October 26, 2017

3199 Students Taking Part 11 Centers in Lama PSC Examination

3199 students are taking part in 11 centers in Lama PSC examination 2017. Like the country's primary education Certificate (PSC) Exam of Lama Upazila of Bandarban and the Ebtedayi Education Complex (Ishishop) is going on Sunday, November 19.

PSC Examination 2017

Lama Upazila Education Office sources said that 3199 students of primary and ibtaydoyee examination will take part in 11 centers in this year's Lama upazila. Meanwhile, in the primary education closing examination, among the 2,984 students, there are 1388 boys and 1596 girls. And Ibtadei will take part in the concluding examination of the examination, among the 215 students, 98 of the boys have 117 girls.

Lama Government High School 693, Gazalia High School 154, Boca Para Government Primary School, 203, Haldai Para Government Primary School, 93, Haidarnaasi High School, 244, Phansiyakhali High School, 226, Anghlari, Lama Government High School, Dhaka, Primary and Ebtedayi Education Completion Examination held at 11 centers. Para Government Primary School 238, tea 40. The bi high school students, 35 high school students sarai, daradari leave government primary school students, 372 high school students phaitam.

Both the primary and ibtayedi will be held in six subjects. The test will run from 11.00am to 1.30pm every day. Additional 20 minutes of exams will be allocated for special needs candidates. On November 19, the test begins on 26 November.

PSC Exam Routine 2017

Examination Schedule: Elementary closing will be held on November 19, English, November 20 in Bangla, 21 November, Bangladesh and world identity, 22 November primary science, 23 November religion and moral education and 26 November Mathematical examination.

And Ibtadei will be held on November 19, English, November 20, Bangla, 21 November, Bangladesh and world identity, 22 November Arabic, November 23, Quran and Tajweed and Akaeed and Fiqh and on 26 November Mathematical tests will be conducted.

In this year's primary and ebtedayi closing examination, four students of the upazila will be participating in special needs (disabled / autistic) candidates.